Top 10 Best Computer ATX Cases in 2017

When one is planning on building up one’s own computer, the monumental part is picking the right computer chassis. Even more important than choosing the motherboard as the frame you choose decides what components will actually fit in it. All these factors taken into consideration one needs the best computer ATX case, providing airflow for the components from gaming to using your PC for work.

Here we have selected ten of the best computer ATX cases that you can start with as they provide you with not only sufficient airflow, but allow one to upgrade with ease.

10. Xion Performance ATX Tower Case 

Xion Performance ATX Tower CaseWhen one needs a working computer for work and play and building your own this affordable Xion Performance ATX Tower Case provides you with more than just functionality. Designed with hybrid mesh it fits large 13” performance graphic card with a support for a solid-state disk to gaming requirements. For larger heat sinks, this tower chassis includes a USB 3.0 driver designed with a black finish presenting one with a sleek brushed outlook! The product does not include the power supply and it is top mounted plus compatible with Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards. Provided with a front blue LED fan and filter and one can buy the rear fan separately. 

9. Rosewill ATX Slim Full Tower

Rosewill ATX Slim Full ToweThe Rosewill ATX slim full tower is unique for computer builders that want the best at a fair price while offering functionality and durability. This chassis presents one with eight expansion slots with two USB 3.0 or four USB 2.0 ports still leaving enough room for peripherals. For style, it provides one with three blue LED front fans and one rear fan to keep that system running cool all day. Additionally, it presents one with added option of installing two top fans with enough space to mount your power supply on the top or bottom. Not only is the chassis great for working it is great for gaming as well. 

8. Phanteks Enthoo Pro 

8For a perfectly engineered computer ATX case, providing superb airflow, one needs the Phanteks Enthoo Pro with expansion and flexibility. It is a budget friendly full tower casing with embracing features. With included 200mm, front, and 140mm rear fan one can work on your computer all day. Upgrade to additional fans. Choose from four different colors with the brushed plastic and aluminum appearance. With the stealth interior, hide the HDD and PSU. Providing enough space for four different radiator installations with clearance for push-pull fan configuration the innovative design presents one with a superb cooling mounting system. Keep the chassis from dust with the removable dust filters and the pre-installed cable management tools are great to keep all wires in place.

7. Antec 900 ATX Computer Case

7The Antec 900 is an ultimate case for building a computer for work and gaming. This ultra-mean chassis designed in black finish and many components produces loads of heat; this chassis built to provide cool air with a perforated front bezel with three fans with mounts for additional fans. Modify this chassis front fans and hard drive cages as it supplies you with a tray on top for a digital camera, mp3 player and more. With this computer, you will be the envy at every LAN and it is dressed to impress.

6. Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 

6With the Thermaltake Chaser MK-1, you can take customizing your computer to the next level with this classic. It supports plug and play SSD/HHD docking for ease of access with LED color shifting fans available in different color modes to customize the look. This ATX computer case provides one with options of both liquid and air configurations while the cable management keeps all wires in place. The headset side mounting design presents one with the flexibility to use and stylish with plenty of access for both gaming and a media look. Receive pre-installed color shifts 200mm front/top fan with one rear fan with a superb three-year warranty.

5. Thermaltake Core V71 

5For ease of installation and superb cooling, this Thermaltake Core V71 has it all for the gaming enthusiast to just the normal working Joe! It has multiple configurations for both liquid and air-cooling. With the tool free design, placing components are easy with the availability to configure the Core the way you like it. It features two by USB 3.0 and two by USB 2.0, headphone, mic top ports and eight by hidden internal drive bays with three by 200mm LED fans and one by 140mm fan.

4. Nanoxia Deep Silence 5 Big Tower Case 

4A bit more in the price range is the Nanoxia Deep Silence 5 Big Tower computer case and for a good reason. This chassis lined with special bitumen fabric and foam compound for a perfect sound insulation. Both the HDD and PSU are fixed with a rubber suspension and the casing stands on rubber suspended feet. Provides up to six fans for perfect ventilation with complete silence with ports for 2 x USB 2.0, two by USB 3.0, headphone, and microphone. While the interior provides for up to 10 slots for different types of motherboards. This durable casing provides functionality for using both air and liquid cooling and has four rubber hose guides for an external cooling solution. Receive preinstalled two by 140mm front, one x 140mm rear fan and buy optional fans for the tops and the bottom.

3. Silverstone Tek Extended ATX/ATX/SSI-CEB

3This revolutionary 90° motherboard mounting design presented by Silverstone Tek Extended is superb and does come at a price. Included you receive tow air 180mm penetrator fans providing both silence and performance when used. It supports ATX motherboards with support for up to 7 120mm fans for exceptional cooling. Behind the CPU, one finds a motherboard back plate for quick cooling assembly and supports 8 expansion slots for any length graphic cards. For a clean look, it comes with a mandatory cable management system. 

2. NZXT Source 530

Best Computer ATX CaseFor another affordable chassis, the NZXT Source is the one to have when planning to build up your own computers. It provides one with enough space to work with and leaves enough space behind the motherboard for cable routing keepings wires in place. It has sufficient space for fans to provide a great cooling system and works quietly when used. Designed from durable ABS plastic and supports all in one liquid cooler with 360mm radiator support on top, and 240mm support in the front. It has a rear mount for SSD and presents one with a ten-port fan hub that is modular with interchangeable hard drive cages.

1. Cooler Master HAF X

1The Cooler Master HAF X has held its benchmark when it comes to full tower computer ATX casings and a bit on the pricey side. This flagship provides superb high airflow with its rugged design and presents one with a touch of class that is outstanding. It accommodates four full-length graphic cards, fully micromesh filters in the front, top exhaust, side panel, and floor bottom and resistant to dust build up. Designed with a high airflow it eliminates overheating with large fans and has two X-Dock bays found in the front of the casing.  

Designed with two front ports for USB 3.0 plus compatible with SuperSpeed USB while the ports backwards are USB 2.0. This SATA docks designed for ease, as one does not need to remove the side panel and for keeping those cables neat and tidy, designed with a power supply partitioning. With this casing, you will be able to not only work but also game for hours as well.

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